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How staff meetings go when we all start bitching about different things


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When the intensivist is putting in a ridiculous amount of orders for every patient on the unit


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Cat attack • gosisarna • slut på jobbhelgen

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4 days without sugar

And today is cheatday! I kind of got overwhelmed while shopping groceries. Robin got his wisdom pulled out today. The local anastetic didn’t really work so he was in so so much pain. It was hard to se. He is passed out on the bed now but still in some pain. Bought him all the goodies I could thi k of. Thw doctor recomended soft foods so icecream and soups there is!

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Day 3 without sugar

Did a body measurement the other week. Got to know my fat percentage. I have too little muscle and had too much water. Got some meal tips and got a tiny workout routine to follow. Will do the major stuff on my own. A new measurement in about 8 weeks to see if I get any results.


Got a mascara. A small body butter from the body shop. A lip pencil. A tiny perfume sample. A daycreme sample. A mattifying facemask.
It’s like a tiny tiny christmas eve hahah.

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So pretty packaged!

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Flying back to Kalmar in 40 min.

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